CMS Jant ve Makina Sanayii A.Ş: the current biggest Turkish wheel maker

LPM Group is glad to announce that in these last few weeks, has been concluded an important agreement for the supply of no. 36 LP casting machines to CMS Jant ve Makina Sanayii A.Ş, the current biggest Turkish wheel maker and one of the biggest wheel makers in Europe.

Successfully succeeding in winning the fierce competition of the Chinese and German Companies, LPM Group, with this order, has completed its objective to renew its presence in the Turkish market, after some years which have seen, in that Country, the constant activity of the Far East competitors, a demonstration that, once again, quality, experience and service are considered as great and essential values.

The new Izmir facility will be surely one of the most “high-tech” foundry realised in these last year, due to the big combined efforts made by CMS and its partners, in order to obtain products capable of satisfying the ever-increasing demand for metallurgical quality, mechanical properties and traceability by the major car manufacturers.

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