LPM group is proud to operate in the sport’s world.

Jul 10, 2018




After the success and victories achieved in 2017 by the motocross Team SOLARYS RACING which enhance young talents making them grow up as athletes and especially as men, LPM decided to open up to new experiences.

This year, with the opening of the basketball championship of “B Series 2017/2018”, LPM Group supports, as sponsor, Virtus Basket Padova which has already reported important victories.

Great importance was also given by the victory of the Italian Cup cadet (series B / Final Eight) of the five-a-side football team of Petrarca Padova, supported for many years by the LPM Group.

This continuous dedication to sports shows that LPM Group, “top performer” representing Italian excellence in the world, continues to support young people thanks to sports activities that play an important role in training, development and education of “tomorrow’s adults”.

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