LPM Group: its first twenty years of activity

2018 is an important year for LPM Group, which is celebrating its first twenty years of activity. That of LPM has been a constant growth over time, which, year after year, has seen increasing not only its turnover but above all its presence on national and foreign markets, helping to strengthen its partnership with first-rate customers, composed of the major suppliers of the most famous car manufacturers in the world.

A group developed through the synergistic union of several companies operating in the aluminium foundry sector. Born around a narrow pull of technicians, wisely and courageously guided, it has linked to itself many other realities, which have exponentially increased its technological value to make it, today, the absolute leader of the market.

And it is with this avant-garde approach that the entire team of the Group, strong of more than 150 elements, respectfully looks back to the adventure undertaken in 1998.

But it is towards future years that everyone, no one excluded, from the management team to every single employee, is already projected.

Towards new areas of the world where the presence of LPM is not yet consolidated, towards Customers who need innovation, to realities that every day compete with the hard laws of the market and for which experience and know-how can be of great help.

Twenty years have passed, but the race is far from being arrested and, in the future, the LPM Group will continue to operate according to the principle that has always distinguished its activity: “constant innovation in the name of quality for the Customer”

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